Sepia Foliate Station (with tea train)

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Mixed Media    31 x 44 cm

High on the windswept Whimshire Moors is the mining settlement of Sepia Foliate, terminus of passenger services from Portersfoote Bunting. The first station was blown away in a gale after its windbreak screen of trees was felled to provide fuel for a wood burning railcar. Pictured is its replacement which was cobbled together from various scrounged and redundant bits and pieces. One of the Vermilion Mining Company locomotives has arrived to collect the tea-trolley and take it to the workshops, weighbridge and engine shed, which are on the curving track swinging away out of sight behind the station. Petrol railcar No. 1 Aphid will presently be turned for its return journey to civilisation, and the Permanent Way Department railcar Apis waits by the signals while its occupants enjoy a teabreak in the station.