The Steam Pencil Manufactory

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Coloured Pencil    30 x 41 cm

The village of Bradforde Longflap is the terminus of a branch line from Portersfoote Bunting. Adjoining the station is the famous STEAM PENCIL manufactory. Minerals used in pigments for coloured pencils are delivered by rail for grinding at the mill and the finished products are also dispatched by train. An unusual turntable, geared to the millís water wheel, is used to gain access to various sidings and to reverse the single ended railcars which operate the passenger service. The mill wheel itself is powered by water, raised from the river beyond the footbridge to the village by a steam pump, flowing along a launder to the wheel top. Hand shunting is in progress since both BL locomotives, which normally potter in the vicinity and forage in the Bradforde Forest for suitable pencil wood, are resting today.