Ye Sackbutte Arms (with PBLR Directors)

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Mixed Media    31 x 44 cm

Directors and officials of the Portersfoote Bunting Light Railway Company have attended a board meeting at this ancient hostelry. Their departure in the directors' special saloon is delayed by the arrival of the up goods train to collect empty barrels and deliver full ones. On the left Caradoc Pinion the company solicitor talks to Horatio Portly. Seated with cat on lap is Sir Jos Sackbutte of Great Bunting Manor and standing beside him, the Reverend Willoby Drawy of Nether Bunting. The foreground trio are from the port of Quill. Left, Ebenezer Groynes the ship-chandler, right, Carvel Caulk the ship-breaker and behind, Captain Cornelius Freeboard RN (retd.). Left of the locomotive stand Solomon Granville Groats, Manager of McFarthings Bank, Whiminster, and Algeron Diggory Tremowzell, Vermillion Mining Co. Mines Captain. To the right of the locomotive Professor Isaac Plogg indicates something with his walking stick, as does General Manager Ernest Ditherpoole with his umbrella. Consulting Engineer Major Bert Bullhead does not seem amused. Sharing a joke with the engine driver is Company Chairman Alaric Sackbutte-Ponder.